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Writing or producing a catchy song isn’t an easy task, but it is not impossible either, with the right tools and experience. Or by hiring a producer such as me! 😉

But, producing a track is not the only thing on the line. In order to make your music track stand out and get the attention of the listeners, you need to employ some promotional techniques to help the promotion of your song online.

Because you see, there might be a million people who could love your own original songs. But that doesn’t mean they will listen to them too. You need to employ some promotional techniques in order for them listen and appreciate your music!

And of course, so that they also buy your tracks from iTunes or any other digital store where you can sell your songs so that you can start earning from royalties.

But if you are new to the world of music or if you’ve just started writing songs then, most probably, you don’t have any clue about how to promote your music track. Because you see, there might be a million people who could love your own original songs. This blog post is for you then. I will share some tips and tricks that will help promote your track on different websites and social media platforms.

1) Youtubers

Youtubers and bloggers are some of the best way to promote your tracks. They have a huge audience base and they get many views, likes, subscriptions and comments. Having popular content creators to use your track can be very effective. The strategy is simple. Tell popular creators who use music similar to yours in their videos, that they can use for free (and monetize) all of your tracks, as long as they credit to you. Viewers who enjoy the video’s background music, will then visit your channel to listen to the track. Also, you get some SEO by getting credits from popular Youtubers.

2) Your YouTube Channel

Well, of course YouTube can be used not only via other creators, but also by establishing your own channel. On your channel, upload your tracks and make sure to use terms that people will actually search for. Then, using those keywords in Title, description, and tags. A super popular keyword is “free”, or “copyright free”, since many creators need such music for their videos. Of course, if you are going to use these keywords, make sure that your viewers will actually not get a copyright claim for using your music. Another option, is to promote the music videos that you upload on your channel. For this, I personally prefer to outsource. Just make sure you don’t pay too much. I personally use for my new tracks Lenostube’s music video promotion packages, which is the best one I found over the years.

3) SoundCloud

Most people know about the famous social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. But what if you have a song that’s worth hearing and you want to promote it? It’s not as easy as just posting a song on your wall or sending a friend request to someone but with SoundCloud, you can easily reach out to the people who are already listening to music on a daily basis, and maybe to artists who have similar style to yours. Soundcloud is an amazing opportunity, as it is a music based social media. You can get viewers by commenting similar artists, doing collaborations, or using the advertising system offered by Soundcloud.

4) Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and it’s perfect for promoting your music. The good thing about using Instagram is that it’s easy to use and so many people are on it. You can promote your music on Instagram by posting pictures of yourself or your music, and mentioning your tracks either in caption or profile bio. Posting pictures of your lyrics might also help promote your tracks, especially if they include powerful or inspiring sentences. Of course, don’t forget hashtags that describe your genre and target audience!

5) Twitter

Twitter is another social media platform that can be used to promote your songs as well as other users. It’s a great place to share your thoughts and get connected with new individuals. You can tweet about your songs, their lyrics, or your music topic, in order to promote them and make more people know about them. Your tweet should contain a link to the song so that people can listen to the track right away, or you can just mention “my song…” so intrigued people will check your profile and visit your tracks. Twitter is a great place because is not as saturated as let’s say Instagram, and getting traffic is easier!

6) Mixcloud

This is a streaming service where you can share your music. A lot of people are on this platform because it is free for anyone to use, and you don’t need to struggle too much in order to make your music track stand out. It’s similar to Soundcloud in a way: a social media for music lovers. You can post your tracks on this platform and promote them through the different features that this platform has.

7) Spotify, Deezer & So on

Well, this is obvious. Submit to various distribution and streaming platforms. The most places your music can be found, the better it is, and on the biggest platforms it has to be there. Mainly, because if people like your music, let’s say after finding it on YouTube, they might want to listen to it later. And places like Spotify or Deezer is where most people head to nowadays!

8) Other Digital Stores

As I said, the more the better! You should also try to sell your songs to other digital stores such as iTunes or Amazon. These stores will help you generate a bigger fanbase and also earn some money from your songs. They are also a free way to promote your music track online. On this wikipedia page you find a super long list of popular streaming and distribution services, with other useful info such as tracks (competion…) worlwide availability, and more.


The key to promoting your music online is to create a strong online presence. Publish your tracks in as many ways as possible, but be smart and optimize each platform potential. Over time, you will find the right channels for your music and make them work for you.

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